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TrackGo puts all of your company's customers on a map, and tracks your visits to them.

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See Exactly Where Your Customers Are

For sales & service teams, knowing where your customers are is vital to your business.

TrackGo lets you & your team create a map of all your customers. Once your customers are mapped, it’s easy to see which ones are close by, and TrackGo will even route you to their location.

When you track customers in TrackGo, the data is private to your team. All customer data is securely stored in the cloud, and is always in sync across your team & devices. TrackGo offers iOS, Android, and web applications.

All Customer Details in One Place

For each customer you are not just keeping track of their location. You can also:

Setup tasks / reminders for yourself, or another team member for specific times.

Keep contacts associated with each spot.

Take & store photos of each spot.

View an Activity Feed to see exactly who has been there, when they were there, and what they did.

spot details

Checkins Made Simple

Gone are the days of writing down what you did after each customer visit. Notebooks get lost & people forget. Keep track of exactly what happened during your customer visit right when it happens.

You can customize TrackGo with custom fields to make sure that important information is captured after each visit.

checkins made simple

Activity Feed Keeps Everything In Order

Checkins, photos, contacts, tasks and any other action done for that spot gets tracked in a spot’s Activity Feed. So it’s easy to quickly scroll and see who did what, and when.

activity feed

What Our Customers Say

“TrackGo is an awesome CRM tool! I have been in Medical Sales for 11 years and used many CRMs. None are as easy to use and provide quick in the field access to all the account information you gather on a daily basis than TrackGo. It has helped me to stay highly organized and improved my efficiency in the field.”

John Ostrom

“We got in on the ground floor with this app and it has saved us time and again. We have sites and equipment all over the state and country that need to be monitored. TrackGo has effectively helped us locate and maintain these "spots" without the paperwork and complications that invariably led to bad data in the past. Our crews use this app religiously, not only to locate the sites and equipment, but also our favorite hotels, restaurants and the like when they are far from home. Simple to set up. Simple to maintain. It makes life simpler.

J.R. Heck

I love using TrackGo! It helps me to organize my day and keep track of all the people in the many businesses I visit. The intuitive app makes it easy for me to keep all my records up-to-date, while focusing on the important aspects of my job, which is the staff selling our products.”

Melissa Teesdale

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