TrackGo Launches App for Field Service Companies

Sep 18, 2013

TrackGo LLC, a start-up out of San Antonio's Geekdom, to launch software catering to field service companies. TrackGo is a hybrid of modern mapping tools and customer relationship management solution created to enhance operations of field service companies.

TrackGo was co-founded by Levi Pool, and Ian Warshak as a solution to replace Levi’s old fashioned log book. As the business owner of a successful field service company catering to oil and gas companies, Levi used to keep client records the old fashioned way, on a company logbook where all client contact info, work history, and sales records were kept.  When the logbook was accidentally destroyed, it took Levi months to sort out all that was lost with it.

Overcoming that incident drove Levi to find a secure and efficient tool to replace the old fashioned logbook. As the owner of a field service company, he envisioned the perfect tool would help him run his company with more oversight, better service, communication and sales/ record keeping in an secure way.

When Levi found no match that measured up to his specific needs, he teamed up with his good friend Ian, a software developer, to develop this idea digitally. Ian improved and distilled Levi’s concept and result is TrackGo.

TrackGo is unique in that any activity, information, contacts, work history, sales records and other notes are stored specific to a location. TrackGo is designed specifically for companies whose work requires traveling to different locations. Companies interested in trying TrackGo can sign up for a 14 day free trial at

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